вторник, 7 мая 2013 г.

yellow and green

Hello guys. So, i looked in aprile i posted 27 times and i think it's so much ). And i decided in May to be a little "slowly" )))
Well, Christians celebrated  Easter at 5 of the May ( congrats) and now we will wait summer. In my region untill now no greed tree and flowers (just a little green grass).
For me yellow and green are spring color, something fresh and new...
It's cheese ball and boiled broccoli (cheese need grate and mix with garlic( cut) and a little mayones, and make a small balls with your hands)
It's easy salad ( just cut cucumber with green oninon and yellow eggs)
Roasted white bread (olive oil)  for cheese balls
oops, blue eggs?  In my yellow and green post?
Yeah, i colored in blue eggs in this Easter. Any way i wish you good mood today and every day.
Good luck )
P.S. И еще "рыбу давай" ))


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  1. the food looks yummy, I will try and make the cheeseballs


  2. Yeah, it's easy and you can use different kind of cheese (fat and not so fat)...)the same time

  3. looks sooo yummy! especially love that cucumber salad! cucumber is my addiction.. is that weird? a little.. okaaay maybe ;)
    lots and lots of love honey!